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The Director:
I am Ravi, the Director of Ideal Learning Centre. My teaching experience extends over three continents: Asia, Africa and Australia, for more than 25 years.

After my Master’s degree in Biology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, I started my career as an educator in Vocational Higher Secondary Schools (Australian equivalent Years 11 & 12) in India, where I taught for five years. I then left for Lesotho, in Africa, where I taught Years 11 and 12 Biology and Science in high school classes.. After two years, I arrived in South Africa, where, for 14 years, I ran a highly successful programme for Maths and Science as Head of Department for Mathematics and Science; I also taught Year 11 and 12 Biology, as well as Mathematics and Science to high school classes in those 14 years.

In 2004, I arrived in Australia, and have been teaching in various public schools ever since. From my experience in the last ten years, I have learnt that when most students begin Year 11, they lack the study skills, study habits or knowledge required to deal with the rigorous demands of the VCE years. Indeed, the enormous gap in their learning, concentration span, and effective study skills, usually results in senior students becoming extremely stressed when the realization of their inadequacies set in, thereby hindering their ability to perform to their fullest potential in the final VCE examinations.

What, then, is the reason for this painful lag in competence?

Many students spend the majority of their school years believing that if they complete the class work and homework set by their teachers in school, they have fully comprehended the subject, and will therefore perform well in the VCE examinations. This strategy, however, is certainly not the best approach towards top scores, and often, many Year 12 students find out, too late, that this does not bring them the results they want.

How, then, can the students fill the gap?

By building solid concepts right from the beginning, in their early years, the students will begin to master the individual subjects, and thereby start to develop an interest in the subject area. This in turn will motivate them to becoming more enthusiastic learners, as they compete confidently with other high achievers in our classes – students, who over the years, have learnt habits of learning that place them at the top of pack of thousands sitting annually for the VCE examinations. Indeed, instead of being stressed and drained by the exponential demands placed on them by rigourous VCE standards, with the gradual building of excellent work habits and grasp of content, your son or daughter will then begin to develop an inner drive, making them want to succeed, knowing that success is possible with the habits of mind they have developed since their primary school years.

Additionally, if our studentsdo not understand certain key concepts taught at school, which is a distinct possibility given the larger class sizes and constant demands made on the teachers’ attention, our small classes will, instead, provide the special care, attention and support they will require to understand and master the content in any particular subject. Furthermore, through the many years of teaching experience of our teachers, we have always been able to provide timely support and encouragement for our students,which can make all the difference between mediocre grades and high achievement.

To emphasise, this institution has been established for the purpose of improving students’ learning outcomes through their daily learning habits. We also provide, through an initial test, a free assessment of each student’s strengths and areas for improvement, which helps us put in place individualised programmes with diverse strategies and different goals.
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela

“The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”
-C.S. Lewis

our vision

Our vision is to develop and improve each student’s skills in any particular subject area, by enhancing his or her attention span and regular learning habits that inevitably increases their confidence as well as ability to perform at peak potential in their final year examinations.

our mission

Our mission is to identify and cater for each student’s learning needs and inspire each student to reach his or her maximum academic potential in a productive and supportive atmosphere.

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